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The short life of 00FP8

by Tag wearer, Jared J. Karow, Minnesota

Read Jared's actual letter and 00FP8's laboratory documents here.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the Primate Freedom Tag-Wearer for 00FP8, a female long-tailed macaque that was held captive at the University of Minnesota for about one recorded year. During her time at the University of Minnesota, 00FP8 was held mostly within quarantine. Her origin was from Sierra Biomedical, a subsidiary of Charles River Laboratories, Inc. which is a multi-national conglomerate that is the largest breeder of animals for experiments and is one of the largest importers of non-human primates into the United States. According to the Primate Freedom Tag 00FP8 was born in 1997, however the actual date and year of her birth is unrecorded, and thus unknown.

According to the documentation, 00FP8 arrived at the University of Minnesota in June 1, 2000. At the time of her arrival she weighed about 4.5 pounds. After ger arrival she was placed into quarantine procedures, she was tested for tuberculosis on June 9, 2000 and her left eye was monitored. The monitoring of her left eye lasted three days where the researchers reported that her eyes were neither swollen nor were they red. She was sedated and tested for tuberculosis in the right eye on June 26, 2000 where, afterwards, she had been reported as recovering well. Her right eye was monitored for three days where no redness or swelling of the right eye was reported She was administered 0.05mls pf Telazol amd 0.02mls of Ivermectin. These two drugs are used in the typical care routines of most animals. Ivermectin typically acts as an anti-parasitic, which is a common preventative routine and Telazol acts as an anesthetic. It is important to note, however, that this was the only time that 00FP8 received any recorded medications throughout her stay at the University of Minnesota. On June 29, 2000 she was tested negative for tuberculosis. A plan was noted to transfer her to the St. Paul campus where the vivisector's group would finish her quarantine.

After being transferred to the St. Paul campus, 00FP8 was observed on September 22, 2000 where her case was discharged by a veterinarian. On October 24, 2000 she received a tuberculosis test where she tested as negative. Her weight was recorded for the final time on this date where she weighed about 4.6 pounds. There were no other recorded visits to 00FP8 after this date. According to documnetation, she was killed in June of 2001, presumably on June 4, 2001 as the terminal study of 00FP8 ended on June 3, 2001. Her case was discharged by a veterinarian again on August 13, 2001.

Due to a lack of availale documentation, 00FP8's life will never be fully recorded. Her life prior to the University of Minnesota was also left unrecorded; however while using the records provided we can only assume that her life ended after five years. 00FP8 was allowed to live only a portion of her life, as a typical age of death for a primate of her sort is in the late 30's. It is rather unfortunate that her life will only be a vivid memory in the minds of those that subjected her to experimentation and confinemen, if even that.

Records of her confinement are attached to this document; hopefully they will provide a small documentaiton of 00FP8's existence. Also attached are the letters of correspondence from the University of Minnesota's Office of General Council: Records & Information Management.

As one may see, it takes dedication and patience to obtain records of this sort. May we never forget our non-human brothers and sisters that are exploited for vivisection, and look to the future for a day when we do not rely upon studies based off innocent creatures such as these.

For all animals,

Jared J. Karow

Read Jared's actual letter and 00FP8's laboratory documents here.