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Story of #9711B --thru March 2006

On October 27, 1997, the University of Minnesota completed a purchase order for two female rhesus at $2,200 each, not including shipping and crate fees of $500. Like any other slave purchaser the university indicated they wanted a health guarantee. This begins the story of rhesus #9711B, a rhesus macaque mulatta, who was purchased from Michigan Biologicals, 3500 N. Martin Luther King, Lansing, Mi. 48909. It's ironic a slave breeding and selling operation would be located on a street named in honour of the greatest American civil rights icon in history!

#9711B was three years old when she arrived at the university on 11/12/1997 to be part of Marilyn Carroll's never-ending PCP drug experiments. She came in with a scraped face, lesions on her temple and a palpebral (eyelid) defect. On 4/6/04 her tattoo was reworked. Lab reports received thru March 2006 appear to be unremarkable.

#9711B was reported healthy to that date. Carroll writes, "the purpose of this experiment is to examine the question: does escalation of self-administration of one drug make the animals more vunerable to increased self-administration of a second drug that has not previously been self-administered?"

It's a pathetic quest Carroll has set upon and no less pathetic to all the humans suffering from addiction who have yet to benefit from her experiments.

Thanks to Peter Isaac in Minnesota for obtaining the documents about #9711B and IACUC reports #0410A64755 and #0112A14081which detail the experiment #9711B will be living through. He is a true friend who works tirelessly for them.

Read #9711B's records here.