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These are life stories of primates held in U.S. primate laboratories. They are based on documents obtained from the labs.
Clint Chimpanzee
Dover Chimpanzee
Sellers Chimpanzee
Tottie Chimpanzee
3566 Rhesus Macaque
PWc2 Rhesus Macaque
Unknown Rhesus Macaque
YN70-119 Chimpanzee
YN73-125 Gorilla
YN74-17 Chimpanzee
YN74-68 Chimpanzee
YN78-109 Chimpanzee
YN79-33 Chimpanzee
YN81-124 Chimpanzee
YN86-37 Squirrel Monkey
13447 Rhesus Macaque
13481 Rhesus Macaque
14326 Rhesus Macaque
20213 Rhesus Macaque
20229 Rhesus Macaque D
20233 Rhesus Macaque
20247 Rhesus Macaque
20253 Rhesus Macaque
20346 Rhesus Macaque
18714 Crab-eating Macaque
20629 Rhesus Macaque
22114 Crab-eating Macaque
23915 Crab-eating Macaque
23954 Squirrel Monkey
23993 Squirrel Monkey
23997 Squirrel Monkey
24005 Squirrel Monkey
24013 Squirrel Monkey
24557 Crab-eating Macaque
24605 Crab-eating Macaque
24974 Rhesus Macaque
24994 Rhesus Macaque
25142 Crab-eating Macaque
25157 Crab-eating Macaque
25205 Crab-eating Macaque
25250 Crab-eating Macaque
25274 Rhesus Macaque
25281 Rhesus Macaque
25412 Crab-eating Macaque
25809 Squirrel Monkey
27276 Crab-eating Macaque
27306 Rhesus Macaque
28092 Crab-eating Macaque
28098 Crab-eating Macaque
28100 Crab-eating Macaque
28104 Crab-eating Macaque
28109 Crab-eating Macaque
28114 Crab-eating Macaque
28545 Squirrel Monkey
28562 Squirrel Monkey
28796 Crab-eating Macaque
30749 Crab-eating Macaque
30755 Crab-eating Macaque
30813 Rhesus Macaque
30914 Rhesus Macaque
30916 Rhesus Macaque
30983 Rhesus Macaque
31031 Rhesus Macaque
34273 Crab-eating Macaque
34274 Crab-eating Macaque
34275 Crab-eating Macaque
34276 Crab-eating Macaque
34278 Crab-eating Macaque
34279 Crab-eating Macaque
34280 Crab-eating Macaque
34281 Crab-eating Macaque
cj0233 Common Marmoset
cj0453 Common Marmoset D
cj0495 Common Marmoset
cj0506 Common Marmoset
cj1654 Common Marmoset
Piotr Rhesus Macaque
rhaf72 Rhesus Macaque
rhao45 Rhesus Macaque
Rh1890 Rhesus Macaque
R80180 Rhesus Macaque
R87083 Rhesus Macaque
R89124 Rhesus Macaque
R89163 Rhesus Macaque
R90128 Rhesus Macaque
R91040 Rhesus Macaque
R93014 Rhesus Macaque
S93052 Rhesus Macaque
R95054 Rhesus Macaque D
R95065 Rhesus Macaque D
R95076 Rhesus Macaque D
R95100 Rhesus Macaque
R96108 Rhesus Macaque
R97041 Rhesus Macaque
R97082 Rhesus Macaque
R97111 Rhesus Macaque
Response from Jordana Lenon, public relations manager for WNPRC. Citizens' requests Lenon refused to answer.
A03068 Rhesus Macaque
A98056 Pig-tailed Macaque
A92025 Baboon
F91396 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J90153 Pig-tailed Macaque
J90266 Pig-tailed Macaque
J90299 Crab-eating Macaque
J91076 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J91386 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J91398 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J92068 Pig-tailed Macaque
J92349 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J92476 Pig-tailed Macaque
B15A Vervet
788E Rhesus Macaque
9382 Vervet
1984-016 Vervet
1991-016 Vervet
1992-015 Vervet
1994-014 Vervet
1994-046 Vervet
1994-087 Vervet
1995-046 Vervet
1995-101 Vervet
1996-022 Vervet
MCY24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24540 Crab-eating Macaque
OIPM-007 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24540 Crab-eating Macaque
UNC-Chapel Hill
3710 Squirrel Monkey
Ashley Chimpanzee
Karla Chimpanzee
Tyson Chimpanzee
Snoy Chimpanzee
Maurice p1 Maurice p2 Chimpanzee
Hercules Chimpanzee
Jerome Chimpanzee
Ritchie Chimpanzee
Rex Chimpanzee
Topsey Chimpanzee
B.G. Chimpanzee
Dawn Chimpanzee
BamBam Chimpanzee
Dixie Chimpanzee
Ginger Chimpanzee
Kelly Chimpanzee
Lennie Chimpanzee
Kist Chimpanzee
Peg Chimpanzee
Aaron Chimpanzee
Chuck Chimpanzee
James Chimpanzee
Alex Chimpanzee
Muna Chimpanzee
Wally Chimpanzee
#1028 Chimpanzee
Lippy Chimpanzee
#1303 Chimpanzee
#CA0127 Chimpanzee
Shane Chimpanzee
196 Baboon
The Fauna Foundation Chimpanzees
Center for Biologics Evaluation
Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham

Univ. of Minnesota

00FP8 Long-tailed Macaque
312E Rhesus Macaque
9711B Rhesus Macaque
99IP61 Long-tailed Macaque
CDC-Column E 2002


Supporters for an Immediate Moratorium on Primate Experimentation

A-One Medical Services, Inc.

Abolish Primate Experimentation and Slavery

Action for Animals - Austin

Action for Animals Network of Northern Virginia

Action for Animals - Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington

Action for Animals Network Activist Civil Liberties Committee

Act Up! San Francisco

ADEFAN (Associoació per a la defensa dels animals) Barcelona, Spain

Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh, Scotland

Advocates Working for Animals and Respect for the Environment


AIDS Housing Santa Barbara

Alabama Voice for Animals

ALIVE/AVA-net - Japan

Alliance for Animals - Wisconsin

American Sanctuary Association

American University Animal Rights Effort

American Vegetarians and the Fruitarian Network

Animal Activism Club - Portland, Oregon

Animal Aid

Animal Calling Association - Lawrence, KS

AnimalConcerns (Animal Rights Resource Site)

Animal Defense League of Arizona

Animal Defense League - Boston

Animal Defense League - Chicago

Animal Defense League - Connecticut

Animal Defense League - Eugene

Animal Defense League - New York City

Animal Defense League - New Jersey

Animal Defense League - Rochester

Animal Defense League - South Florida

Animal Defense League - Syracuse

AnimalKind Canada

Animal Liberation Action Group - U of Wisc. Oshkosh

Animal Liberation Brigade Boston

Animal Liberation Brigade NYC

Animal Liberation of Texas

Animal Place

Animal Protection Fund (Toronto)

Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc.

Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY, Inc.

Animal Rights America

Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition - San Diego

Animal Rights Hawaii

Animal Rights Online

Animals' Advocates of Michigan

Animals Deserve Adequate Protection Today & Tomorrow (ADAPTT)

Animals and Ethics

Animals' Hope Petition Team

Animals In Print

Animal Voices (Toronto)

Animal Watch Illinois

Anonymous for Animal Rights (Israel)

Ark Online

The Ark Trust

Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal (ADDA)

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights

Australians for Animals

Bakersfield Alliance for Animals


Benthic Blue Productions

Berkshire Advocates for Animals

Blazing Tattles

Boston Resource for Animals, Vegetarians, and the Environment (BRAVE)

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)

Calgary Animal Rights Coalition

Captive Animals Protection Society (England)

Carolina Animal Activists Together (CAAT)

Center For Animal Protection

The Center For Compassionate Living

Center for the Study of the Person and the Advancement of Human Rights

Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitación de Primates (Chile)

Chimps Inc.

Chicago Animal Rights Coalition (CHARC)

Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Labs, Inc.

Citizens for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Victoria, BC

Civitas: Citizens for Planetary Health

Clarean Communications--Advocacy for Animals (Michigan)

CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

Coalition for Animals

Coalition to End Primate Experimentation

Coalition to Protect Canada Geese

The Coalition for New York City Animals, Inc.

Coalette's Connection for Action

Committed Liberation Activists of the West

Compassion For All Beings

Compassion In Action, Calgary, AB, Canada

Compassion Over Killing

Computer Professionals for Earth and Animals

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel

Cool Green World

Coppershot Productions

Cowichan Valley SPCA, Canada

Culture & Animals Foundation

Dawn Animal World News/media Watch


Earthhope Action Network

Earthroot Education

EDEV - Een Dier Een Vriend, Holland/Belgium

Educators For Animal Rights

Endometriosis Research Center

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

Feminists for Animal Rights


Farm Sanctuary

Fauna Foundation

F.A.U.N.A. Inc.

First United Methodist Church of San Rafael, California

For Animals

For The Love of Animals, Illinois

Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals (the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland Campus)

Fund for Animals

Grassroots Environmental Group, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

The Great Ape Project

Great Ape Standing & Personhood, Inc.

Green Mountain Animal Defenders

Health Professionals For Responsible Medicine, Lancashire, England

Houston Animal Rights Team (HART)

Humane International

Humanitarians for Animal Rights Education (HARE), Michigan

I Care - Sarasota

Illinois Humane Political Action Committee

In Defense of Animals

Independent Voice for Animals
DeKalb County, Alabama

In Solidarity With Animals

International Wildlife Education & Conservation (IWEC)

Israeli Society for Abolition of Vivisection

Jews for Animal Rights

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Justice for Animals Fund

Justice through Insurrection by Humans for Animal Defense

Last Chance for Animals

Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition

Liberation Collective - Portland

Linda Kogen and Associates, Skokie, IL.

Love All Animals

Maryland Animal Liberation Network

Mindy's Memory

Mobilization For Animals, Pennsylvania Inc.

National Activist Network

National Council for Excellence in Zoo Animal Management

National Humane Education Society

NorthEastern Connecticut Animal Rescue

New College Students for Animal Rights

New England Animal Action

New England Anti-Vivisection Society

New Hampshire Animal Rights League, Inc.

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance

New Trogs Inc.

New West Research (New Mexico)

New Yorkers for Companion Animals

No Compromise

Northeastern Oklahoma Animal Helpers

Northwest Animal Rights Network

NYU Students for Education and Animal Liberation (SEAL)

Ohlone Humane Society

Orange County People for Animals

Ogranization Animals Defenders"ARKA", Poland

OR ELSE!(Organization to End Livestock Slaughter and Exploitation)

Our House Productions

People Against Chimpanzee Experiments (PACE)

People Protecting Animals and Their Habitats, PATH, Inc.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Pets Alive Inc.

PISCES (London)

Prairie Dog Rescue, Inc.

Prairie Ecosystem Conservation Alliance

Primates for Primates - Australia

Primate Freedom Project

Primate Survival Coalition

Progetto Vivere Vegan, Firenze, Italy

Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Protect Our Earth's Treasures

Protectors of Our Primates

Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Queensland Group for Animal Rights

Rainbow Warriors International

Richmond Animal Rights Network

ROAR-Recognition of Animal Rights

Rocky Mountain Animal Defense

St. Lucia Animal Protection Society

Sampson's Sanctuary

San Diego Animal Advocates

San Francisco Liberation Radio

Sarasota in Defense of Animals (Sarasota, Florida)

Sanctuary And Safe Haven for Animals

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Smith College Animal Rights

Sonoma People for Animal Rights (SPAR)

South Africans for the Abolition of Vivisection (SAAV)

South Australian AntiVivisection Union

South Florida Chapter of the League of Humane Voters

South Sound Organization for Animal Rights - Tacoma, WA

Southern Animal Rescue Association

Southwest Animal Action Network (SwAAN)

SPEAK - Chicago and Tucson

Stargazy Studios, Inc.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN!)

Stop Experimentation on and Exploitation of Chimpanzees (SEEC)

Student Humane Society - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Student Organization for Animal Rights - Minneapolis

Student Organization for Animal Rights - St. Paul

Students Against Cruelty to Animals - University of Texas-Austin

Students for Animal Rights - Ohio State University

Students for Animal Rights - Uiversity of Nebraska, Lincoln

Students for Animal Rights - University of Virginia

Students for Animal Liberation - Seattle

Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Michigan

Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - U of Oregon

Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Tufts

Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Washington State University

Students Promoting Animal Rights And Emancipation - Greenbay

Syracuse University for Animal Rights

TCE-2000 (Argentina)

Tennessee Animal Rights Coalition

Tennessee Network for Animals

Texas Establishment for Animal Rights

Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary

Tribe of Heart

Tucson Animal Network

Uncaged Campaigns

United Animal Nations

Unitarian Universalists for Ethical Treatment of Animals (UFETA)

University of Puget Sound Towards Animal Rights Together - Tacoma, WA

Utah Animal Rights Coalition

Vegan Outreach

Vegetarian Society of Georgia

Vegetarian Solutions

Vervet Monkey Foundation


VOICE For Animals, Inc.


Voice for a Viable Future--California

Voices for Homeless Animals

Voices for Rahkim

Wild Animal Orphanage - San Antonio

Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand

Wilton Psychiatry, LLP
Irene Kitzman, MD
Carolyn Spiro, MD

Wildlife Action Group - South Africa

Wisconsin Animal Educational Network

Wyandotte Animal Group

Youth for Animal Liberation - British Columbia

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