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These are life stories of primates held in U.S. primate laboratories. They are based on documents obtained from the labs.
Clint Chimpanzee
Dover Chimpanzee
Sellers Chimpanzee
Tottie Chimpanzee
3566 Rhesus Macaque
PWc2 Rhesus Macaque
Unknown Rhesus Macaque
YN70-119 Chimpanzee
YN73-125 Gorilla
YN74-17 Chimpanzee
YN74-68 Chimpanzee
YN78-109 Chimpanzee
YN79-33 Chimpanzee
YN81-124 Chimpanzee
YN86-37 Squirrel Monkey
13447 Rhesus Macaque
13481 Rhesus Macaque
14326 Rhesus Macaque
20213 Rhesus Macaque
20229 Rhesus Macaque D
20233 Rhesus Macaque
20247 Rhesus Macaque
20253 Rhesus Macaque
20346 Rhesus Macaque
18714 Crab-eating Macaque
20629 Rhesus Macaque
22114 Crab-eating Macaque
23915 Crab-eating Macaque
23954 Squirrel Monkey
23993 Squirrel Monkey
23997 Squirrel Monkey
24005 Squirrel Monkey
24013 Squirrel Monkey
24557 Crab-eating Macaque
24605 Crab-eating Macaque
24974 Rhesus Macaque
24994 Rhesus Macaque
25142 Crab-eating Macaque
25157 Crab-eating Macaque
25205 Crab-eating Macaque
25250 Crab-eating Macaque
25274 Rhesus Macaque
25281 Rhesus Macaque
25412 Crab-eating Macaque
25809 Squirrel Monkey
27276 Crab-eating Macaque
27306 Rhesus Macaque
28092 Crab-eating Macaque
28098 Crab-eating Macaque
28100 Crab-eating Macaque
28104 Crab-eating Macaque
28109 Crab-eating Macaque
28114 Crab-eating Macaque
28545 Squirrel Monkey
28562 Squirrel Monkey
28796 Crab-eating Macaque
30749 Crab-eating Macaque
30755 Crab-eating Macaque
30813 Rhesus Macaque
30914 Rhesus Macaque
30916 Rhesus Macaque
30983 Rhesus Macaque
31031 Rhesus Macaque
34273 Crab-eating Macaque
34274 Crab-eating Macaque
34275 Crab-eating Macaque
34276 Crab-eating Macaque
34278 Crab-eating Macaque
34279 Crab-eating Macaque
34280 Crab-eating Macaque
34281 Crab-eating Macaque
cj0233 Common Marmoset
cj0453 Common Marmoset D
cj0495 Common Marmoset
cj0506 Common Marmoset
cj1654 Common Marmoset
Piotr Rhesus Macaque
rhaf72 Rhesus Macaque
rhao45 Rhesus Macaque
Rh1890 Rhesus Macaque
R80180 Rhesus Macaque
R87083 Rhesus Macaque
R89124 Rhesus Macaque
R89163 Rhesus Macaque
R90128 Rhesus Macaque
R91040 Rhesus Macaque
R93014 Rhesus Macaque
S93052 Rhesus Macaque
R95054 Rhesus Macaque D
R95065 Rhesus Macaque D
R95076 Rhesus Macaque D
R95100 Rhesus Macaque
R96108 Rhesus Macaque
R97041 Rhesus Macaque
R97082 Rhesus Macaque
R97111 Rhesus Macaque
Response from Jordana Lenon, public relations manager for WNPRC. Citizens' requests Lenon refused to answer.
A03068 Rhesus Macaque
A98056 Pig-tailed Macaque
A92025 Baboon
F91396 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J90153 Pig-tailed Macaque
J90266 Pig-tailed Macaque
J90299 Crab-eating Macaque
J91076 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J91386 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J91398 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J92068 Pig-tailed Macaque
J92349 Pig-tailed Macaque D
J92476 Pig-tailed Macaque
B15A Vervet
788E Rhesus Macaque
9382 Vervet
1984-016 Vervet
1991-016 Vervet
1992-015 Vervet
1994-014 Vervet
1994-046 Vervet
1994-087 Vervet
1995-046 Vervet
1995-101 Vervet
1996-022 Vervet
MCY24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24540 Crab-eating Macaque
OIPM-007 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY24540 Crab-eating Macaque
UNC-Chapel Hill
3710 Squirrel Monkey
Ashley Chimpanzee
Karla Chimpanzee
Tyson Chimpanzee
Snoy Chimpanzee
Maurice p1 Maurice p2 Chimpanzee
Hercules Chimpanzee
Jerome Chimpanzee
Ritchie Chimpanzee
Rex Chimpanzee
Topsey Chimpanzee
B.G. Chimpanzee
Dawn Chimpanzee
BamBam Chimpanzee
Dixie Chimpanzee
Ginger Chimpanzee
Kelly Chimpanzee
Lennie Chimpanzee
Kist Chimpanzee
Peg Chimpanzee
Aaron Chimpanzee
Chuck Chimpanzee
James Chimpanzee
Alex Chimpanzee
Muna Chimpanzee
Wally Chimpanzee
#1028 Chimpanzee
Lippy Chimpanzee
#1303 Chimpanzee
#CA0127 Chimpanzee
Shane Chimpanzee
196 Baboon
The Fauna Foundation Chimpanzees
Center for Biologics Evaluation
Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham

Univ. of Minnesota

00FP8 Long-tailed Macaque
312E Rhesus Macaque
9711B Rhesus Macaque
99IP61 Long-tailed Macaque
CDC-Column E 2002






02.16.2013 NIH requests your input concerning Chimpanzee retirement

09.21.2012 NIH claims to retire 110 Chimpanzees

08.28.2012 NIH requests your opinons by Sep. 5. Please help.

08.26.2012 Emory admits to cooking the books

10.12.2010 Column E ...Number of animals at Emory/Yerkes experiencing pain

5.28.2010 South African PFP supporter requests Monkey Town exposure. If you're planning to visit SA, be sure to carefully consider where you'll spend your time and money.

4.17.10 Tag wearer Mike Nicosia reports on Wisconsin primate

3.21.10 Emory/Yerkes' 2008 Column E Pain Data available

2.16.10 UCLA's Anti-Science Profs debate Dr. Ray Greek, Dr. Niall Shanks and Robert C. Jones, Ph.D.

2.16.10 Slide presentation at UCLA debate

12.07.09 UMDNJ list of body parts from Yerkes, LEMSIP et al.

11.18.09 Yerkes' negligence kills sooty mangabey. Please let USDA know your thoughts.

08.06.09 Eight unidentified from Yerkes are not forgotten.

Laboratory records received for Minnesota's 00FP8

Who are the vivisectors?

Tenacity pays off in attempts to obtain Wisconsin records.

UCLA openly plots to ignore FOIA and requests from the public.

UCLA's Dario Ringach busted for publicly lying about research?

Pharma kickbacks lead to $9.3M grant from NIH frozen while Emory's Nemeroff pulled grant affects primate abusers. Please share the videos Part1 Part2

PFP Appeals to Wisconsin Supreme Court in Exhibit Hall suit

Wisconsin's Harlow Lab animal abuser, Chris Coe, refuses delivery of 12 year-old girl's petition for mercy.

12 year-old Savannah Limke, a Madison, WI. resident, organizes locals and petitions Univ. of Wisconsin to release its hostages

Colorado's Nancy Gregory exposes Wisconsin's stonewalling

06/11/08- PFP files response to UCLA's lame claims.

05/02/08 Primate Freedom Project files final response in UCLA suit.

04/28/08 Tagwearer's YouTube tribute to Maisy Vervet #1994093 at UC Davis by Susan Elias ***Link to this video has been disabled due to California Board of Regents threats and demands. For more information, please see link directly above to explain this action.

Primate Freedom Project responds to California Board of Regents

UCLA Animal Terrorists sue UCLA Primate Freedom Project to Shield Researcher's Cruelty.

Report from Assn. of Primate Veterinarians. Read about the primates in their labs...perhaps a lab close to you!

Feminist Gloria Steinem Asks that Covance be dropped as a Conference Sponsor----and gets it done!!!

Emory/Yerkes' negligence kills Rhesus PWc2

New!!! New Simian Census (including prosimians)

PFP Activist Wins Media Award for Exposing Truth at Wisc Lab

Are monkeys more compassionate than the Dalai Lama? An open letter to the 14th Dalai Lama

BIG WIN! Univ. of Utah's Donahoe Stops Primate Experiments!


Calendar of Events

Attn. UCLA Freedom Tag wearers: New contact address for Tag info

U. Wisconsin destroys video in response to activists' open records requests

UCLA vivisector, Ringach, stops experimenting on primates

Using Primates in Research--a public discussion in Madison, July 18

A Letter from Dr. Goodall and other scientists. 19 Scientists Oppose Yerkes' Proposal to Amend its Endangered Species permit and Kill Mangabeys for 'Conservation' Money.

Help outlaw ALL vivisection in Rio de Janiero

19 Scientists including Jane Goodall Oppose Yerkes' Permit Amendment

VIDEO***Madison, Wisconsin --Debate Using Animals in Research -- PFP's Rick Bogle and UW's Eric Sandgren

Primate advocates educate Minneapolis citizens about useless experiments that don't help sick people. View photos and video of experiments inside Minneapolis laboratory.

Yerkes requests permit change to kill mangabeys that are 'too costly' to maintain while financially supporting new venture. Please help.

Oregon Primates Need YOU!

WWAIL 2006 Update for UCLA

WWAIL 2006 Update for Atlanta

Essay by Rick Bogle: An Argument for Ending the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research

Read Debate Coverage at Links Below:

Primate Freedom Project begins in Minnesota

DEBATE! Eric Sandgren, Chair of UW's ACUC, has agreed to debate one of UW's most vocal critics, Rick Bogle, on Thursday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m. at 2103 Chamberlain Hall, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. Don't miss it.

Wisconsin University Union Chair Files Lawsuit, Claims UW Animal Research Oversight Akin to McCarthyism, Guantanamo

Help save 4 Rhesus at Univ. of Conn. from imminent death

Yet another invitation issued to Emory/Yerkes to discuss animal experiments

Emory/Yerkes receives 'Official Warning' from USDA after deaths

Emory says they're 'Confused' about Animal Welfare Act Reqs

Alabama Records Prove Experiments are Repetitive and Cruel

Primate Freedom Project seeks injunction to block sale of Exhibition Hall property.

Dover Chimpanzee dies due to Emory/Yerkes' Negligence. USDA fines Emory/Yerkes.

Primate Freedom Project asks court to decide Exhibition Hall property claim dispute.

Proposed ecstasy experiments, both expensive and wrong. Write your congresspersons today.

High school student (and Freedom Tag wearer) visits UNC vivisector

Vivisection A to Z... Interested in what's going on behind closed laboratory doors at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center? Vivisection A to Z reviews experiments of each vivisector at WNPRC and what the primate experiences. Group meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm at Memorial Union. Room assignments vary so please check Free and open to the public.

PFP's Rick Bogle files suit against UW's PIO for false statements.

Seeing through Univ. of Wisconsin's many lies

UW researcher, Terasawa, whines when caught

USDA busted Terasawa, UW remained silent

CONFIDENTIAL, INTERNAL UW docs re: Teresawa. UW has nothing good to say about her sloppy experiments.

Future home of
The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall
June 4, 2005, Madison, WI.

Like a Holocaust Memorial at the Gates of Auschwitz, the National Primate Research Exhibition Hall makes the clear statement that what is occurring in these labs across the country and the world is wrong and must be stopped. Sandwiched tightly between the historic and infamous Harry F. Harlow Primate Psychology building and the National Institutes of Health’s flagship vivisection lab, the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, the Exhibition Hall’s permanent presence and clear voice will be impossible to ignore.

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